Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

  • Create an open, well-lit store layout with good visibility between aisles or areas.

  • Consider installing surveillance mirrors or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

  • Shelves should be neatly stacked with price tags properly secured to merchandise.

  • Limit the entry and exit points.

  • Keep staff rooms and stock rooms locked at all times.

  • Never leave sales areas or cash registers unattended.

  • Be aware of customers who appear nervous or distracted around merchandise.

  • Check the number of items taken in and out of change rooms   .

  • Make sure your staff understand the store policy on checking bags and shoplifting.

  • Ensure staff are familiar with store security and their operating hours and contact details.

  • Display signs that highlight the security measures in the store and your business’ bag checking policy.

  • Lock up expensive items in a display cabinet, or place them close to staff working areas.