Summer is here!


Now that the warmer months have arrived, we need to be extra vigilant in our attempts to prevent home burglaries. On hotter days the temptation to leave doors and windows open becomes greater and this brings with it an increase in residential break-ins. Studies show that windows are the most common point of entry for burglars in warmer months. 

Here are a few examples of ways you can minimise becoming a victim this summer.

·         Ensure all windows have key locks on them. This way they can be opened enough to allow a breeze in while at the same time keeping burglars out.
·         If you are having people around the house and/or out the back, ensure the front door is locked and keep an eye on the people attending (studies show burglars are more common to enter a property whilst the owner is home if they are having a gathering and/or alcohol is being consumed.)
·         An extra safety precaution in minimising break-ins through windows and sliding doors involves placing a wooden stick/ dowel in the track.
·         If windows open slightly, ensure the gap is not big enough for someone to reach in.
·         Even if you are simply working in the garden or washing your car, always ensure doors and windows are locked and that you have a key with you. The average time it takes to break- in and make off with stolen goods is only 5-15 minutes.
·         Keep all gates and sheds locked with all tools inside and do not allow easy access to the side of the house.
·         Refrain from posting too much information about periods of absence on social media.

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