FREE Bicycle Registration Program

The City of Belmont has launched a FREE Bicycle Registration Program for its residents.
Under the program, the serial number of your bicycle along with a few additional details will be recorded and all data will be stored in the BeCrimeFREE database. Belmont Police and the City of Belmont Crime prevention team will have access to the data allowing them to repatriate you with your bicycle if it is lost or stolen.
This will also assist the City of Belmont Community Watch who find abandoned bicycles on a regular basis but have no way of tracing the owner.
When you register your bicycle, you will receive a free bicycle alarm lock. You will also be given the opportunity to receive information about the City’s TravelSmart scheme.
The online registration form can be found HERE.
Once you have registered your bicycle a registration number will be generated. Please record this number and collect your free bicycle lock from the City of Belmont Civic Centre.
For more information regarding this program, please contact the City of Belmont Crime Prevention team on 9477 7416 or 9477 7264.