Car Theft Prevention


Theft from cars is a very common and costly issue faced by the community with the most targeted items being mobile phones, CDs, cash and stereos. As the technology used to prevent thefts improves, unfortunately so does the skill level of the thief. 

A car break-in is not only worrying it is also a costly affair. A lot of the time the greatest cost goes into repairing the damage caused during the break-in. Theft of cars is another issue that is too common in society. 

Thankfully, there are a few things that can be done to minimise the risk of being targeted:

·         Never leave valuable items in plain sight- this indicates there is something worth breaking in for and is an invitation to the thieves.
 ·         Pack away your GPS before leaving your vehicle. It is also a clever idea to wipe away any marks it has left on the window and also to remove your ‘home destination’.
 ·         Where possible, always park your car in well-lit areas. Thieves are less likely to target your vehicle if there is a good chance they will be spotted.
 ·         Never leave keys in the ignition when you leave your car. Even if you are simply paying for fuel or using the ATM - thieves are opportunistic and will strike when they get the chance.
 ·         Even if your car is parked in the garage, make sure the car doors are locked- garage doors can sometimes be accessed without your knowledge.
 ·         Do not have your address or personal details attached to your car keys or in plain sight in your vehicle- this lets the thief know where you live and that you are currently not at home.
 ·         A lot of people don’t realise that number plates are quite commonly stolen from vehicles. One tip for preventing this is to replace the plate screws with a one-way screw. These can only be removed with a special tool.
 ·         Another tip is to have your keys ready before reaching your vehicle.
 ·         With 70% of cars stolen being done so with the owners’ keys, it is important to keep car keys in a secure place within the home where they will not be spotted easily by intruders.