Burglars Reveal The Common Mistakes Made By Home Owners

A study completed by ECU’s School of Law and Justice involved speaking to a number of people who had previously been involved in burglaries. These participants disclosed the common errors that home owners made which encouraged them to act.
·         Leaving bins out for an extended period of time.
·         Allowing uncollected mail to pile up.
·         The absence of a vehicle at the property for an extended period of time.
·         Leaving the curtains open with valuables in plain sight.
·         Leaving empty boxes outside that advertise you have recently obtained new goods.
·         Having bins, metre boxes and other sturdy items near walls and fences which can act as a ‘stair way’ for the burglar.
Approximately 57% of break-ins are spontaneous. Burglars will act when they see an opportunity such as an easy entry point or any of the above triggers.
Some of the greatest deterrents as proposed by burglars include:
·         Having a dog (approximately 60% of burglars are put- off by this).
·         Seeing lights on inside.
·         Having a visible alarm/security system present.