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Everyone has a role to play when it comes to public safety. Opportunistic crime can be significantly reduced when the community is smart around their homes, business, cars and with their personal belongings.

BeCrimeFREE is a central information point for residents and businesses for all of the City's Community Safety and Crime Prevention initiatives.

The City of Belmont supports a number of Community Safety and Crime Prevention programs. We are proud of our efforts to combat crime and will continue to strive for improved results in the City of Belmont.

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City of Belmont Community Watch Security Patrols 1300 655 011 
City of Belmont
Community Watch
Security Patrols1300 655 011
Police Assisantance 131 444. Save 000 for Emergencies. 
Police Assistance 131 444Save 000 for Emergencies
  • Always lock doors even if someone is home. Unlocked doors are the easiest way for a criminal to enter a household.
  • Consider getting a dog as a pet. They can be a great alarm system when someone approaches the house and can scare away strangers.
  • Never leave valuable items out in the open in a vehicle. Remove them from the car.