Neighbourhood Watch

A safer community is brought about when people get involved in their local area and support each other in crime prevention activities. A great way to help is to get involved with the very successful Neighbourhood Watch program. There is a Neighbourhood Watch group in Belmont, with coordinators in every suburb.

The most effective way to address areas of concern in your neighbourhood is for you and your neighbours to stand together creating a network of eyes and ears all working together to create a safer community. This does not mean you are being nosy or interfering. A good neighbour is someone who shows care and concern for their community. By working together and watching out for one another, neighbours can help reduce all types of crimes such as vandalism, graffiti and burglary.

A strong community spirit is essential to a successful Neighbourhood Watch program. Anyone can join Neighbourhood Watch.

Please follow the links to register with Neighbourhood Watch either as a volunteer or a member.