Business Self Assessment

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 Business Self Assessment


+ Building Identification and Visitor Access

+ Fences and gates

+ Doors and windows

+ Security Lighting

+ Landscaping

+ Security Alarm Systems

+ Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

+ Safes

+ Cash handling

+ Keys and Valuables

+ Information Security

+ Communication

+ Emergencies

+ Property identification

The information in this report is provided in good faith but only for the purposes of general information. While the City of Belmont (‘the City’) makes reasonable efforts to ensure the information is up to date and accurate, it makes no representation nor gives any warranty as to its currency, accuracy, reliability or completeness. The City provides the information on the clear understanding and assumption that anyone who uses the information after having read this report makes their own enquiries as to the suitability of that information for any particular purpose or application. To the extent permitted by law, the City accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from the use of this information. Advice and information on security products and installations from licensed security operators is encouraged.

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