Belmont Local Policing Team

Ewatch enables Police to provide messages highlighting issues that may be of interest to the community. The service forms a part of a larger Police media strategy that includes the following:

Twitter: @BelmontPol - frequent updates of information in regards to general policing matters and specific matters concerning the City of Belmont.

Police contact numbers

To report an offence or if you require general police attendance: 131 444
Urgent emergency response required: 000
Crimestoppers to provide information (can be anonymous): 1800 333 000
Belmont Police Station (Office Hours 8am - 7pm): 9424 2700

Officer in Charge
Senior Sergeant Peter Woollons
Team One - Cloverdale
Sergeant Ralls
Team Two - Rivervale / Airport
Sergeant Winkler
Team Three - Ascot / Belmont
Sergeant Hill
Team Four - Kewdale / Redcliffe
Sergeant Brooker

Discussion Topics

Stealing from motor vehicles

Theft from cars is an ongoing issue. Property that is left visible to passers-by greatly increases the risk of the car being broken into.

Theft of number plates

Vehicle number plates can be recorded by speed, red light and CCTV cameras. For this reason offenders steal number plates and swap for them for their own plates so if they are recorded they cannot be traced.

Two things you can do to stop your number plates being stolen:

(1) Purchase anti-theft screws and use these to hold your number plates in place.

(2) Check your number plates - sometimes thieves will replace your plates with another making it less likely for you to notice and report the theft.

Unlicensed Motorbikes

Recently passed legislation permits a police officer, under certain circumstances, to impound an unlicensed motorbike if they believe on reasonable grounds that the motorbike has been used on road. This can take place up to 28 days after the day the motorbike was used on road. Police also have similar powers to serve a Surrender Notice on the person responsible for the unlicensed motorbike.

If you see someone riding an unlicensed motorbike on road and know where they live, report this information to the Police on 131 444 or City of Belmont Community Watch on 1300 655 011, particularly if you have CCTV or photographs of this occurring. Police can assess the information and determine if it falls within the scope of the legislation to enable the motorbike to be seized.

Remember if you see anything at all suspicious report it to Police on 131 444 at the time. Do not wait - waiting gives the thieves a chance to get away.
Peter Woollons
Senior Sergeant
Officer in Charge
Belmont Local Policing Team


City of Belmont Community Safety & Crime Prevention Team

City of Belmont Bicycle Registration Program

The City's Bicycle Registration Program is an initiative developed in partnership with Belmont Police to create a register of bicycle owners and their bicycles. When a bicycle is stolen and recovered by the Police or Belmont Community Watch, the register can be checked, the owner identified and their bicycle returned to them.

Since the initiative started in June 2014 the City has over 731 bicycle registrations on record.

When a resident registers their bicycle they will receive a free security alarm lock to secure their bicycle whenever they leave it unattended. This sturdy lock has a very loud audible alarm that will alert everyone in the area of the bicycle that someone is tampering with your bicycle.

The Belmont Policing team regularly check with the City to see if recovered bicycles are registered, but if they are not then they cannot be returned to their owners. With this in mind register today to protect your property and to receive your free bicycle alarm lock.

To register on this website go to the Crime Prevention tab on the home page, select the Bicycle Registration tab and fill in all your details on the form. You can then arrange to pick up your lock from our Information Officers at the City of Belmont Civic Centre front office.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Darryl King on 08 94777226 or darryl.king@belmont.wa.gov.au or ask for one of the other Crime Prevention officers. We will all be happy to assist you.