Crime Prevention

We have a vision of Belmont as a City that is attractive, safe, healthy and prosperous. The City has developed close working relationships with the Western Australian Police Service so a collaborative and coordinated approach to crime prevention can be taken. We are proud of the many initiatives developed to make our community a safer one.

Initiatives include:

The City is building a network of CCTV cameras in public areas throughout Belmont. We have access to approximately 280 cameras producing high quality images.

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Police have been provided with CCTV footage by the City for a number of offences which have assisted in the prosecution of offenders. 

Free Property Marking Kits
The City provides free property marking kits for residents and businesses. Each kit contains an ultra violet (UV) permanent marker, a record card and warning stickers.

The kit can be used to mark your personal possessions such as televisions, computers, DVD players, CDs, bicycles and other personal or business items.

Marking your personal and business items can make it difficult for thieves to resell stolen goods. Property marking will also help to make it easier for your items to be identified and returned if found. Property marking is a proven and effective crime prevention measure.
You can collect your free property marking kit from the City of Belmont Civic Centre.

Security Appraisals
The City offer free security appraisals for residents and businesses who are then provided with a report and recommendations to assist with making their property safer and more secure.

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Register for a free security appraisal now and receive the following items:-

Window shock alarm
Window shock alarms are convenient and easy to use, designed to increase the safety of homes. The alarm provides a visible deterrent by the use of an adhesive warning sticker and an audible deterrent should there be an attempted forced entry.


Padlock alarm
Secure heavy and large objects with a shock and motion-sensing padlock alarm. When activated, the alarm emits a powerful 110dBs siren. The alarm is weatherproof and is key operated.



All City of Belmont residents are eligible for this free offer while stocks last. Click on the link for a Free Security Appraisal.

Handbag Alarms
Handbag thieves are quick and efficient, even having time to re-zip your handbag so you don't even know that your purse has gone until you next need it.
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Always have your bag in sight and zipped up. Don't get distracted and carry your bag at all times with the strap across your body.
If your bag or purse is stolen you could not only lose your cash, but be a victim of identity theft and credit card theft! Don't carry all of your credit cards and identification together.

If someone does try to grab your purse or your handbag do not try to stop them. Let it go and call the Police immediately.

Attach a handbag alarm to your purse and handbag so if someone tries to take it you will hear them. You can get a free alarm from the City of Belmont Civic Centre reception.
Bike and Scooter Alarms
The City of Belmont is targeting motor scooter and bicycle theft and have free alarms available to residents. If you own a bicycle or motor scooter come into the Civic Centre to get your free alarm - just bring identification and proof of residency.
Other initiatives include: