The City of Belmont has an extensive CCTV system, developed after successfully obtaining a Federal grant of $1.4M in 2009. As part of the program, CCTV systems were installed in shopping centres, parks and other community hubs providing access to approximately 300 CCTV cameras around the City. The City also partnered with local businesses to extend the system to hard to reach areas.
The City does not monitor the system but footage can be easily accessed and downloaded on request by the WA Police. The City now has a very effective and highly respected CCTV system which has assisted WA Police with a number of prosecutions for a range of offences.

In 2013, the City completed and implemented its CCTV Management and Operations Manual. The manual was developed to provide a functional means of managing the City’s CCTV system in accordance with the WA CCTV Guidelines, related publications, legislation and standards.  The manual provides a ready reference for any issue pertaining to the City’s CCTV system management, operation, technical specification and functionality.

  • CCTV Policy statements - Section 3.3
  • CCTV Code of Conduct - Section 3.4
  • CCTV Code of Practice - Section 4
  • CCTV Complaints Procedure - Section 5.3.4